After Sales Service DC Motors

At our location in Mannheim, we have been seamlessly continuing the after-sales service for discontinued direct current motors (DC motors) from Lenze since May 2020.

Replacement motors and spare parts
New and refurbished: Motors of the GFQK, GFRK, GFQU series
New: Spare parts such as carbon brushes, brush rockers, brakes, tachos, resolvers, incremental encoders, forced cooling fans
Refurbished: Power converters

mowitec produces, overhauls and supplies these industrial motors as well as original spare parts in Germany, Europe and worldwide. For users in the USA and Canada we cooperate with Enmatek EndresMaschinenTechnik GmbH as official distributor.

Repair/overhaul of your motor:
Repairs are our classic business – your advantage: over 25 years of experience, use of original spare parts, warranty.

Discontinued Lenze Small Drives Geared Motors / Lenze DC geared motors / Lenze permanent magnet motors:
Repairs are still possible or reconditioned products are still available for numerous type series – just contact us.
Type 13.12, 13.5, 13.7
– DC permanent−magnet motors and DC permanent−magnet geared motors (PM)
– DC shunt−wound motors and DC shunt−wound geared motors (GN)
– Three−phase asynchronous motors and three−phase asynchronous geared motors (AC)

Spare motors and spare parts request

Please state the type designation of the motor or send us a photo of the type plate and an overall picture showing any attachments. If you tell us the year of manufacture or the Lenze material number, this will help us to identify the motor or spare part exactly (model change, component changes). We look forward to receiving your enquiry for the following type series:

GFQ 080-24, GFQ 100-21, GFQ 100-24, GFQ 112-12, GFQ 112-24, GFQ 132-24
GFQK 063-32, GFQK 100-22, GFQK 100-32, GFQK 160-22, GFQK 160-32
GFQU 080-22, GFQU 100-22, GFQU 112-22, GFQU 132-32, GFQU 160-22, GFQU 160-32
GFRK 090-22, GFRK 100-22, GFRK 112-22, GFRK 122-22, GFRK 132-22, GFRK 160-32

If the type designation is no longer clearly legible, the following diagram for the structure of the type designation may help:

MG123 TO BGR-45
M = motor
G = direct current
1 = F forced-ventilated, E self-cooled or S self-ventilated
2 = Q square housing or R housing has fins
3 = K compensated or U uncompensated
AN = Attachments* see below
BGR = Size in design IM B3
4 = 2 for medium length or 3 for long length
5 = 1 for 2-pole or 2 for 4-pole

*Coding of the attachments
BI = Brake and incremental encoder
BR = Brake
BS = Brake and resolver
BT = Brake and tachometer
BU = Brake and tachometer and incremental encoder
IG = Incremental encoder
RS = Resolver
TA = Tachometer
TI = Tachometer and incremental encoder
XX or missing = without attachments

Series MGFRK

DC motors in the power range: 0.33 to 27 kW

The use of DC motors with standard IP54 enclosures has been proven in harsh industrial environments for decades. They can be installed flexibly in various designs and mounting positions. It is also easy to combine them with gearboxes, brakes and feedback systems. The axial forced-ventilation offers a large adjustment range with full torque.

The motors are fitted with a compensation winding. This ensures the correct torque/current proportionality, which can be as much as three times overcurrent with certain motors. This in turn allows implementation of concepts, such as dynamic positioning or brief high starting duty. In the IEC sizes 90 to 160, power outputs from 0.33 to 27 kW can be achieved depending on the armature voltage and speed.

Series MGFQx

DC motors in the power range: 0.33 to 90.8 kW

Thanks to their square design, the products in the MGFQx range achieve a high power density while maintaining compact overall dimensions. These factors lead to impressively economical drives, which can be easily and precisely regulated using single-quadrant and multi-quadrant DC speed controllers. The safe and quiet natural ventilation and correspondingly designed commutation offer ideal conditions for large power reserves for example in dynamic positioning applications.

The DC motors in the MGFQU range operate without compensation. The compensation winding of the MGFQK series also leads to correct current/torque proportionality in the overcurrent range and prevents instability with field weakening. The DC motors in the power range up to and exceeding 90 kW are available as a modular system with various degrees of protection. Depending on the application in question, they can also be combined with matching gearboxes, brakes and feedback systems.

DC motors: high performance, efficient, available world-wide